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Dear Child of God,

I pray this mail will get to you on time. I know for sure you can witness with me that this month God has been good to you. I have a spiritual confirmation that there is a lot of progress you have made in your life this month, especially spiritually and financially.

This is a confirmation that the prophetic word that God gave to me has come to pass. But it’s not yet over. I know you may ask, but Man of God am still waiting for my breakthrough. I can tell you one thing, I can see in my spirit a sign of incredible favour. What normally will take you three years, in the next few days may only take you a few hours.

The reason why some things may have been slow where your breakthrough is concerned is because I saw in my spirit that there is somebody who has been monitoring you and following you. Actually as I speak right now they are in a hot pursuit to stop you before the end of this month. The Lord revealed to me they have unleashed some dark spirits. 

Saul returned from chasing the Philistines. Then he was told, “David is in the Desert of En Gedi.” So Saul took 3,000 of the best soldiers from the whole nation of Israel. He started out to look for David and his men.  (1 Samuel 24:1-2)

Just like David I saw there is a Saul that is looking for you. You ask me, “But what does he want?” Child of God, He wants to cut off your glory; to cut off your favour. And it must happen before the end of the month. 


You see Saul was working with a deadline. That’s why he employed 3000 of his best men. He knew that time was running out. If he was going to get David, this would be his last chance. 

The enemy knows that this is the month of divine accomplishment. He knows that he must get you by the end of this month. And if he can then he will. 

Now I know you keep asking, “But Prophet why?” Listen you need to do something. Right now the amount of evil forces that have been released over your life are there for only one purpose, that you must not finish well. And if you don’t finish well by the end of this month, then those problems will be postponed in your life. 

But I came to declare to you that You are Unstoppable. Come on declare with me 7 Times I AM UNSTOPPABLE. 

Just like David, no matter who is pursuing you, spiritually, physically, etc. Whoever has been pursuing your finances, pursuing your relationship in order to terminate them; they will not succeed. Because on your behalf I have asked Jehovah God not to hand your life and your affairs and your destiny into the hand of your enemy. 

Day after day Saul looked for him. But God didn’t hand David over to him. (1 Samuel 23:14)

I came to let you know that it does not matter how far they have gone. Whatever power they are using against you is what is going to happen to them. Just like King Saul, he got terminated. Even I see God will terminate all your enemies. 

This Friday is going to be one of the most powerful Fire Services. I want you to do something. I want you to write down the name of your Saul. That Saul could be a person that you know that has been pursuing to terminate your life, your happiness, your career. That Saul could be a sickness or a disease. That Saul could be a debt. Whatsoever it is that you feel is pursuing your life in order to terminate your glory. I want you to submit their names and their photographs in the next 24 hours. 

The Lord has instructed me to print them on your behalf and on the day of the Fire Service I must drill a hole through those names with an electric drill. As soon as I do that they will no longer pursue you anymore and the Lord will terminate the terminator. 

I want you to do something as a matter of urgency. I want you to build God an altar of £54 or whatsoever you can afford according to Isaiah 54:17 that no weapon forged against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against you is condemned and brought to nothing. As you build that altar I see a permanent fixture erected over your name that your star will never be terminated, that your glory will never be decapitated, and your life will never be destroyed in Jesus name.




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