Victory Over the Spirit of Humiliation & Oppression (Deliverance Series Vol. 1) (EBOOK) MIDNIGHT PROMO


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Powerful Midnight Prayers For Total Deliverance, Healing and Breakthrough. Overcome Depression, Fear, Anxiety & Other Mentally Crippling Disorders.

Have you been suffering from oppression lately? Have feelings of depression, loneliness and confusion been sweeping over you? Has life seem to have lost its meaning? Do you often feel scattered in your thoughts and find it hard to stay focused for long?

Then you need the prayers in this book.

These sixteen prayer points will enable you to come out of every ongoing depression that have paralyzed your life. They will make you feel better about yourself, you will feel more hopeful, you will feel joy returning to you.

These prayer points will destroy every fear that wants to keep you in slavery and mental prison. You will come out of every financial slavery, every bodily slavery.

Sixteen Prayer Points For Victory over Every Spirit of Humiliation & Oppression will break those bondages out of your life for good. You will learn how to identify whether or not you are under demonic oppression and how to come out of it.  You will discover the major signs of this spirit working in your life, and you will receive strategic prayer points for you to use to overcome it. This book is sure to bring you the deliverance you need so you can start living the abundant life God has for you. Is there a career you are dreaming of, a marriage or a future you are dreaming of? Do you often think what your life could be like if not for your current issues? Does it all seem out of your reach? Do you ever sleep at night and feel as though something is sitting on you preventing you from getting up, feeling as though you can hardly breathe, as though you might die? THE SPIRIT OF HUMILIATION & OPPRESSION was the reason why the children of Israel were enslaved for 400 years. That spirit held them down; they were unable to break free until their deliverer came. But you will use these prayer points to come out of every slavery. In this self Deliverance prayer book you will learn….the fifteen major signs of the spirit of humiliation and oppression including heaviness, depression and chronic weariness, how a creator of Playstation video games was sentenced to solitude, how a member of the royal family suddenly retired and hid in his house, what you can do right away to start taking back control of your life.

In Sixteen Prayer Points For Victory over Every Spirit of Humiliation & Oppression you will:

Learn how to put on the full armor of God before you pray

Take authority over the powers of darkness

Break every form of oppression in your working place, home, family, body and finances

Destroy every yoke of bondage from your life

Learn how to seal your deliverance

Get this book now – It’s Time To Be Free!


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