Uprooting Every Territorial Sorcerers (Deliverance Series Vol. 19) (EBOOK)


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Have you been experiencing unusual delays in your finances or applications? Do you feel that you have stopped progressing since a certain person entered your life? Are people around you always trying to control and monitor your actions? Is your entire family suffering from similar issues?

In his new book “Uprooting Every Territorial Sorcerers” discover the 5 types of territorial sorcerers and how you can identify if they are at work in your life. Bishop Climate shows you how to break free from demonic control and manipulation so that you can experience progress.

You’ll discover…
– How the corporate world really works
– 4 signs of a territorial sorcerer in your life
– 23 prayer points and more…

If you feel like you should be farther ahead in life by now, you need to read this book!


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