The Miracle Pack


The First and The Number 1 Spell breaker Product in the World. Tested By Many and Used By Thousands. Results are Amazing Try It Today !!


The First and The Number 1 Spell breaker Product in the World. Tested By Many and Used By Thousands. Results are Amazing Try It Today !!

Have you been Experiencing

-Troubled Marriage Or Relationships
-Bad Luck And Bad Debts
-Lack of Sleep And Bad Dreams
-Business Failure and Problems at work
-Losing Lovers And Friends
-court cases and lawsuits
-Are you experiencing Sexual Problem
-Evil spirits, Torments, and Divorce
-Delays, Lack or missing divine opportunities
-miscarriage in life, Barrenness and premature deaths in your life and in your family
-Not having Luck with Good jobs and Good clients
-Bad omens, Circles Of Failures, impotence
-all Domestic, Family problems,
-Haunted house, life, Things and document disappearing

Get Your Miracle Pack, The World’s Number 1 Spell Breaker, Loved by many used by thousands.

** These are powerful 5 items **

Favour Holy water: – for Cleansing and removing bad luck
Victory Shower Gel:- Washing away spell and negative contaminations
Prosperity Body Lotion:- removing financial, relationships bad luck, and failure
Deliverance Protection oil:- breaking all evil spells, blocking every death and evil things
Breakthrough Miracle Salt. : -secure your perimeters, diffuse and neutralize all negative elements and enemy powers instant.

These Sacred and spiritual cleansing Spell breaker products have compounded after the art of the perfumer According to ( Exodus 30:25) By An International, Number One world renown seer, a Prophet, an expert in the divinity, a philosopher and Biblical scholar Dr. Climate Wiseman Of London.

God gave Bishop Climate a revelation about using 5 things as a point of contact for the Anointing and that, after special Prayer, the Saints will receive Mighty Victory. Since then, thousands are experiencing Victory in every area of their life. Now it’s your turn to get your Miracle Pack and experience Breakthrough!

Miracle Pack is essential to help you fight all your battle.


Acts 19:11-12

And God wrought special Miracles by the hands of Paul: so that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs on aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.

Just like Apostle Paul, God has Anointed the man of God Bishop Climate with a special Anointing to set the captives free. About 2 years ago, after serious Prayer, God appointed Bishop Climate to release an Anointing that would change people’s lives for good. Yes daily, thousands of people are testifying about the Miracle Pack.

Since then, many people have testified of the goodness in their lives after using the Miracle Pack.

The Miracle Pack included 5 items: Total Victory Shower Gel, Divine Prosperity Body Lotion, Divine Favour Miracle Water, Anointing Oil and Miracle Salt.

Total Victory Shower Gel: According to Joshua 3:5 “Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you”

The Total Victory shower gel should become a part of your daily bathing routine as it effectively cleanses you as part of the sanctification process. It is used to wash away any witchcraft that has been put on you through traditional rituals or practices. It is used to remove the spirit of rejection and bad luck as a result of negative words being spoken over you. It is also used t cleanse after demonic attacks/bad dreams (spiritual husbands/wives).

Divine Prosperity Body Lotion: According to Job 29:6 “When I washed my steps with butter, and the rock poured me out rivers of oil”

This is to be used on Special occasions when going for an interview or Special meeting. Apply to your face and hands to remove demonic mask, the spirit of rejection and bad luck.

Divine Favour Miracle Water: According to Ez 26:25 “Then I will sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean; from all your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse you”

The Miracle Water is to be used in correspondence with the Prosperity Body Lotion, spray it in your mouth for Favour in interviews, sprinkle in your CV, exams and your body in general, believing God for Divine Favour. It can also be sprayed in the house to destroy witchcraft and expose demonic activity.

Total Breakthrough Anointing Oil: According to James 5:14 “Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them Pray over him, Anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord”

The Total Breakthrough Anointing Oil can virtually be used in area for Divine Healing, Restoration and Breakthrough. Apply it to any part of your body that is experiencing pain (can be taken by teaspoon as well). Use it to mark off the main cross roads near your home (for Angels to protect you and cut off demonic presences), apply to your doors, windows and gates for protection and to ward off evil, pour on any demonic object, animal, etc that has been sent against you. It can also be used to mark territories in your working place, neighbourhood, your dream car, house, etc, as well as for Favour on applications, in court, and interviews. Carry it with you all times for Victory in every area.

Miracle Salt: According to 2 Kings 2:21 “And he went forth unto the springs of the water, and cast the salt in there, and said “Thus said the Lord, I have healed these waters, there shall not be from thence any more death or barren Land”

The Miracle Salt can be used together with the Total Breakthrough Anointing Oil and Divine Favour Miracle Water to cut off main roads for Divine Healing. But also, just like Elisha used it to heal the land of Jericho from the curse of poverty and lack so you can use it in your own life for the same purpose. Sprinkle it at home, your business premises, when sending in applications to the Home Office, Universities, etc. You can even eat some to cleanse yourself from any spirit of barrenness and lack.

The Anointing of God that he puts upon a man can be transferred through Divine impartation. As you use the Miracle Pack, that Anointing begins to remove burdens and destroy yokes over your life. You see, a Spirit needs a physical body or object in order to operate at full capacity. In the same way, the Miracle Pack works as the carrier of and is symbolic of the tangible power of the Holy Spirit. Throughout the Bible, you will find that God used the same thing many years ago to set His people free. Elisha used the Miracle salt to break the spirit of barrenness in Jericho according to 2 Kings 2:21. God used Miracle water to Heal the sick according to the book of John 5. Through Moses, Asher Anointed his feet with oil to receive Favour according to the book of Deut 33:23. Job used body lotion for Prosperity according to the book of Job 29:6.

You see, for many years, the children of God have been under tremendous attack and frustration by the powers of darkness because of unbelief. They didn’t know that God has already provided a way out, by putting His Spirit upon His servants in order to set them free. That is the reason why the woman with the issue of blood was set free when she touched Jesus clothes (Mark 5:30).

It is the same thing today. Many people, after coming into contact with the man of God Bishop Climate, even by just shaking his hand, their lives have been changed.

Many others have been healed of different sickness and diseases. You see, it is not Bishop Climate that chose himself, it is God that chose him. And it is only God, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has Anointed him with that special Anointing. That is why even thousands of people are being healed daily through the television by just touching the screen as the man of God releases a word of Prophecy. Now, if God can be able to heal so many people through just a touch of the TV, how much more from the Miracle Pack?

Every Miracle pack is personally Prayed over by the Bishop and is taken to the Altar where it spends a night in the presence of God. After that, a Prophetic word is released over them before being made available. One of the most amazing things about the Miracle Pack is that because it contains the Anointing from the Most High God, all other powers of darkness must bow. So anyone that has been using things against you from witchdoctors, magic, or any other power stands no chance because you have a Superior product from a Superior God. So get your Miracle Pack now! And as you use your Miracle Pack, expect the Anointing of Bishop Climate to deliver you, set you free and remove every form of failure and bad luck from your life.

** Please note that the Packaging of the bottles may be different from those advertised but the product is still the same

** Remember this product is available at our London and Edinburgh offices. Ready to pick up. Due to high demands, please call ahead to reserve.

** Actual Product may be larger or smaller than image (Packaging may differ than what is advertised but the product still the same)

**Here at Bishop Climate Ministries we believe in Fair share All our Spiritual products are Free, Please understand the price charged only covers packaging (including the product) and Postage.
Disclaimer: The picture advertised may  look difference  from the  package due the size. And no place that Prophet Climate to cure any   diseases or virus all its done by the power of God.  You should seek medical  help where necessary. This are faith and herbal healing products based on Faith and natural  products.
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