Overturning Every Demonic Judgment (Deliverance Series Vol. 15)


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Do you find yourself asking the question, “When is it all going to end? In spite of all your hard work, natural talents, and doing your very best, does it seem you just can’t get ahead? Does it seem as though life is just a bad story repeating itself?

In his new book, ”Overturning Every Demonic Judgment” the man of God Bishop Climate reveals the truth behind how your fate can be pre-determined. You will discover how people can sentence your life to failure, poverty, sickness, and much more! With seven signs on how to know you’re a victim of demonic judgment, this book is sure to bring you the solution you have been looking for! Get this book now and victory is yours in Jesus name!

You’ll discover:
– What is a demonic judgment?
– 7 signs that you are under demonic judgment
– 20 prayer points & more!

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