Overcoming Persistent Enemies (Deliverance Series Vol. 5) (EBOOK) MIDNIGHT PROMO


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Powerful Prayers For Total Deliverance From Every Persistent Enemy – Now You Can Put A Stop To All Chronic Problems In Your Life Spiritually, Physically, Financially, and Socially!


Do you have people in your life who make it their goal to see you in pain? Are there some people who always seem to be like a snake biting at your heel? Do you seem to be experiencing any recurring problems in work, school, family, or your marriage? Have you been diagnosed with chronic illness without any real cure?

Then this book is for YOU!


In “Overcoming Persistent Enemies” you’ll learn all about persistent enemies and discover one of the most powerful and effective weapons you can use to destroy them and experience victory in every area of your life. Based on a story in the book of Acts when a band of Jews joined together and vowed to kill Apostle Paul, learn how God granted him extraordinary victory in the midst of trouble.

Discover the Arrow of the Lord and pray powerful prayer points which are sure to smite all your enemies for good. I see you walking in your victory!

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