Frankincense Resin (Includes Charcoal)


Frankincense incense resin is used for purification, protection, consecration, dedication, and cleansing of one’s self and areas such as a house, working place, business places and places of interest.


Frankincense Incense Resin & One bag of Blessed Charcoal 

Frankincense incense resin is used for purification, protection, consecration, dedication, and cleansing of one’s self and areas such as a house, working place, business places and places of interest.

Frankincense resin is an opaque, milky white/cream color and is obtained from the sap of the Boswellia Thuriferatree.  Frankincense is the only incense that symbolizes God’s presence. The dried sap can be burned as incense either alone or blended with other herbs or resins. It gives off a lovely citrus/lemony scent that cleanses, purifies, consecrates and blesses the area by clearing it of negative energies and releasing and driving any trapped spirits. Inviting the presence of God.  It will quiet the mind and improve the ability to concentrate making it the perfect resin to burn during meditation According to Joshua 1:8. You can also put a piece of blessed Frankincense resin at the four corners of your house, in your business for blessings,  good luck and to attract love and abundance.

This resin has spent over 7 days at the altar, been prayed for and dedicated. Please, it is supplied in a grip seal bag for freshness. The resin needs to be heated to release the fragrance, this is traditionally achieved by placing a few grains on a hot charcoal disc. Incense is used for all sorts of reasons which include: general fragrancing for relaxation to  Prayer ritual work relating to the Christian belief systems.


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    • Apply also in any way or in any place that your spirit will direct you to, most of the times this will result in quick miracles for your spirit is the candle of Almighty God

Holy incense and holy anointing oils are special Secret recipe blends given to Dr. Climate by God. Just like how God gave the recipe to Prophet Moses. Each every oil has special divine ingredients added to it according to special measurement shown in vision to deal or to produce special miracles upon the user. All these Ingredients are apart of the 12 major divine oil of the Bible. So all the oil are not the same, neither do they smell the same. It’s important to make sure that you use them according to the instructions given above. They are healing, and Miracle oils of the Bible that clearly shows the uses of divine powers through aromatherapy in the Bible

Our products are made using the highest quality ingredients According to Ephesian 3:20. This Product spends at least 7 Days at the altar then the Prophet, under the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT, Releases the Power known to bring victory in every area of your life. Thousands of people have been experiencing this as seen Live on our National TV programs.

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Disclaimer: The picture advertised may  look difference  from the  package due the size. And no place that Prophet Climate to cure any   diseases or virus all its done by the power of God.  You should seek medical  help where necessary. This are faith and herbal healing products based on Faith and natural  products.

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