Breaking Every Evil Hand That Touched Your Life (EBOOK)


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Which hand has touched you? 

For over 400 years the children of Israel were enslaved in Egypt, yet there were no walls keeping them in. Because of an evil hand that was holding their lives, they were unable to think for themselves and they were unable to fulfill their own destiny. They spent all their lives helping others but had no power to help themselves.

Are you wondering why inspite of your talents, your abilities, your qualifications, and everything that is good about you, you still can’t seem to figure out your life? Are others moving on with yours but you are stuck in a life of failure and uselessness? In his latest prayer book, Prophet Climate will show you the danger of what happens when an evil hand touches your life. Discover how a king held an entire nation in captivity for 4 centuries. Discover how an heir to the throne of Israel missed all his opportunities and lived a life of uselessness instead.

When an evil hand has touched you, you cannot think for yourself. Somebody else is manipulating and controlling all your life, but today your time has come to be free!



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