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Who Is Master Prophet Climate?
For over 20 years I have been mentoring students one by one, healing people through the power of God and getting them delivered as they attend my live deliverance sessions in person. Thousands have been set free and many testified, but due to increasing demand I have now introduced these brand new powerful deliverance programs online, designed for you to use to get life changing results without ever having to leave your house.
Child of God what is it that you have been crying out to God for? Have the doctors given up hope? Has your marriage given up hope? Has your relationship given up hope. Has your career or business given up hope? Well God has not given up on you. In fact, the only reason you aren’t where you want to be is because of something you don’t know. God wants to bless your relationship, He wants to bless your marriage. He wants to give you victory. But remember, man wants victory, God gives strategy.
The decision you make today will change your life forever. I believe this is your time for a miracle. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in that condition, I came to let you know your season has come. This is your set time. I believe that God has CONNECTED me and you for a plan and a purpose – Because it’s YOUR SET TIME to be Free! It’s YOUR TIME to come out of captivity! It’s YOUR TIME to be Delivered! To be Healed! And to be Restored!
Master Prophet Climate
Hear From Others Who Have Sat At The Feet Of Master Prophet Climate
You Have Taught Me How To Fight!

Prophet I used to always get angry and open up my mouth and end up getting myself in trouble. But you've taught me how to wage my war in the spiritual realm first so that I end up having victory in the physical where I need it most! Thank you.

D.A. London

Your Prophetic Words Are Manifesting In My Life...

Thank you Man of God I am learning so much from these sessions. But also every time you are releasing prophesy I am claiming it as well. The other day you prophesied divine provision and I received it by faith. The following week my employer where I am working temporarily offered me a full-time position!

-L.B. Sweden

Every day you have a choice to take your life in your hands and make it what you will, or to continue being at the mercy of your enemy. It's life or death. You choose.
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